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What did the fire say to the water? Why did a jewel want to travel the world? In this book of Latin dialogues and fables, the Dialogus creaturarum moralisatus,  moral and scientific questions are answered through lively stories.

What did it mean to be a man or a woman in the medieval world? What ideas did ordinary people have about gender, sex, and sexuality? This collection brings together a diverse array of texts from different genres.

There are few surviving examples of writing in Old High German (the linguistic ancestor of the language spoken in Europe today), but those that have come down to us reveal a culture rich in stories of bravery and faith.

Love was a very popular subject for songwriters across the medieval world, as it is today! This collection preserves lyrics on the topic of love from the Western European "courtly love" tradition, the Chinese genre of ci, and the Japanese genre of waka.

How did people in medieval China speak about heartbreak? Why did male poets write from a female perspective? This collection of ci (song lyrics) by poets of the Northern Song Dynasty showcases the colourful imagery and vibrant emotion of the ci tradition.

This collection brings together works of history by medieval authors. Some concern the writer's own time, while others reach back much further into the past, to where legend, history, and religion become more difficult to distinguish.